Dental Fillings

Dr. Davis is able to repair broken and decayed teeth with white fillings (also called composite fillings) or silver fillings (also called amalgams).  

Tooth colored composite fillings are free of mercury so you can rest easy knowing that your health is our top priority.  White fillings are not only safe, but they also give a more natural looking result than traditional silver amalgam fillings. 

What to Expect

While some small fillings can be completed without utilizing anesthetic, most require local anesthesia to numb the tooth prior to starting the procedure.  Dr. Davis will then remove any tooth decay and existing filling material. This helps to provide a stable base for your new restoration.  The tooth is then kept dry and carefully prepared.  Next, Dr. Davis expertly molds the tooth-colored filling material and cures it with a special light to help it harden.


Dental bonding is a conservative way to restore chipped, crooked, or discolored teeth.  This procedure utilizes a white filling “bonded” to your tooth in order to help improve the aesthetics.  Because the white filling material comes in a variety of different shades, Dr. Davis can closely match it to your other teeth in order to give you a natural, beautiful smile. 

Bonding is more affordable than some other cosmetic treatment options while also having the added benefit of being completed in one office visit.  However, dental bonding can stain and chip more frequently than stronger porcelain alternatives (like dental veneers or crowns).